Phil Heim

Toronto Marketing Strategist

I’m Phil Heim, a Toronto Marketing Strategist, with a background in political science and over 3 years of industry experience. I bring an analytical mindset and deep understanding of various paid advertising platforms to the table, so I can execute a full-funnel strategy and create innovative digital marketing solutions.

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Platform Certifications

I constantly re-certify to make sure I’m always on top of the latest platform updates and best practices.

My Purpose

I’m an Advocate (INFJ for those Myers-Briggs fans). That means when I find a purpose that inspires me,
I work passionately to realize it.

So – what is my purpose? To make a positive impact on Toronto’s digital marketing scene.

I aim to help marketers create more value for the companies and clients they serve,  and provide young professionals with the tools they need to take charge of their own development.

Join me on this project as I share useful tips, resources and insights, and work towards turning my purpose into reality.

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Looking to take your digital strategies up a notch? Need some advice accelerating your career development? Shoot me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn - I'm always happy to talk shop!